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Discovering Your Online VOICE

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Sometimes something someone says sticks with you. Many years ago a friend of mine said that her teenage daughter had found her voice. It was a good thing. She knew what she wanted and was comfortable with expressing those desires and thoughts to others. I had not heard that simple expression before. Several years ago, I discovered that I enjoyed writing. Writing about events. Writing about my small business experience. And using writing as a way of sorting my thoughts out. One aspect of writing that draws me in is that there is time to think and reconsider. And writing things down seems to provide clarity as well as getting things done. Speaking doesn’t in the same way. Fast forward. I have a website design/development business geared toward small business owners. Websites are great tools to grow one’s business and build relationships. In this industry, there is much focus on technology and the looks of a site (all aspects that I enjoy). But how a website really stands out is the unique way it “speaks” to the visitor. My role in building a website also includes helping business owners build their VOICE ONLINE. That is what will make their website connect to who is most important to them.


  1. Make it UNIQUE to you. Dig down deep to understand what makes you tick.
  2. Have a CONSISTENT message. Stay true to yourself.
  3. Continue to EVOLVE.  Look through a view of year to year to see the big picture.
Developing your unique voice and message helps you to create content that inspires, encourages and entertains. You will also build trust with those who matter most.

I'm Nancy Johnson

Creating website that distinguish client’s small businesses in the marketplace. Also work with creatives, bloggers and non-profits. Empowering clients to feel confident in talking and writing about their passions.