Trends in website design

The Staying Power of Websites

Website Trends

The creativity of social media

Hours spent scrolling! Social media posts are so entertaining. I’ve set myself limits on the phone to cut me off! And I’m a gramma of 3. I’m not in any target audience for what I watch. I dance like that in my dreams.

Love the creativity, singing, dancing, fashion and health tips, wisdom put out by financial institutions about what we should all know by 25 years! I follow a broad range of influencers!

So what about websites?

Clearly don’t give the adrenaline rush as social media. So why bother?

Websites have staying power. They don’t disappear down the unending social media page. They speak about who you are and what you offer the marketplace. And they offer great search opportunities through the pages but as importantly through posts and projects. The posts and projects pages have as much impact as the typical page.

Current trends in websites

1. The navigation at the top of the site

Keep it simple so as to not overwhelm. Gone are the days of putting as much information as possible at the top of the site hoping to capture the customer. It’s like overwhelming a person at a networking event. You need to take your time!

2. Large headlines

Readers will scroll down your website page looking for what is interesting. Make it easy for them to find where they have an interest.

3. Much white space

In combination with the large headlines, white space helps the reader relax and not overwhelm.

4. Provide a face for connection

Readers want to know who is behind this business. A picture tells them much of what they want to know.

5. Professional design

Make sure that typography, colors, and quality of images are all very pleasing to the eye No typos. The website should look good on all types of screens.

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