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Do your photos sell your business?

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A picture is worth a thousand words.*

OK, I’m craving some cinnamon rolls as I sit here writing at dinner time.  In marketing, emotions respond quickly to images. Likes, wants or needs driven by the viewers perception of products and services. If you have a product or service that highlights photos, I want to talk to you!

Don’t overwelm your audience with too much. Layout your images that highlight your business or projects simply. Headers, images and  clickable buttons go hand in hand. Buttons that tell the reader what to do.  Buy now. Pick up today. Call us. Get something at no cost. Free estimate. Free consultation. Keep in easy and safe for the reader to follow through. What is their hesitation? How can you ease their minds. Develop trust to make taking the next step easy.

Answer your customer’s questions as much as possible through unique photos!


* For an understanding of where this phrase originally came from, CLICK HERE.

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