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Use Your Strengths to Set You Apart in Business

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One of the biggest mistakes I made when starting my business was looking at what others did in my industry and trying to do things the way I saw others doing it! And I was a poor imitation.

Many who start a business experience a longer period of time figuring things out than what they planned. Easily the first couple years can be difficult and many don’t make it through that period of time. Running out of money, not adapting to new information and getting discouraged are some reasons.


And a big one for me was not understanding what my clients want AND not understanding what strengths they see in me. Being new in business, my biggest focus was on building knowledge. Always an important aspect. But I got stuck in viewing my services. Services that were very similar to anyone in the website/online marketing business.

But I missed the bigger picture. Helping my clients to develop “their voice” online. To tell their story. To show their passion. To connect to their customer. To focus on what makes them stand out from their competition. To show what they do differently.


  1. What is your primary message?
  2. How are you going to deliver that message?
  3. How does your message differ from others in your industry?

My ultimate goal in collaborating with business owners on developing their website is for them to GROW THEIR BUSINESS. To gain a new perspective of what their best customer wants or needs. It is far more than a pretty website. It is to find “their voice” in a competitive marketplace.

I'm Nancy Johnson

Creating website that distinguish client’s small businesses in the marketplace. Also work with creatives, bloggers and non-profits. Empowering clients to feel confident in talking and writing about their passions.