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Creating a Website Strategy

Website Strategy

How to Create a Website Strategy That Works for You


For me, the design phase can be the easiest part. The challenging part is the creation of compelling and captivating content. One option is to hire a copywriter for your site.  But most of my clients don’t wish to invest that amount of money in their website. In that case, we work together to create the copy. I often help clients get started in this process. Then we work together so that their website accurately reflects their vision and mission of their business.


Three questions that help in the process of website design and development.


What do you want the visitor “to know” from each page?

Now, we are thinking through our ideal customer’s “eyes.”  What is the most important information for them to learn about our business or organization?  Remember we are talking in terms of seconds to capture their attention. Decisions made quickly. Short attention spans. What can we say through images? What do we say in our headlines? What options are they given through menu choices? Do they feel overwhelmed with too many options? Are you telling them the benefit of choosing your business and going beyond the actual products and services?


How do you want the visitor “to feel” when opening a page?

Do you want your visitor to feel confidence in the services you sell? Think of the positive emotions that you want as a response. Confidence, inspiration, authenticity, believability, trustworthiness, delight, enchantment, trust.

Think of the negative emotions you don’t want to create. Confusion, doubt, boredom.

Identify what your ideal customer or client is looking in terms of information and resources when coming to your site. And review your website from their point of view. Respond to the needs and desires that your customers have. Solve their problems.


What do you want the visitor “to do” after looking at the page?

Have you identified the steps you want your visitor to take when visiting your website? Common calls-to-action include making a phone call, emailing for more information, or an email marketing sign up. But remember you are also planting seeds. Creating something that is memorable! Something that makes them want to delve further into your website. Links are set up to relevant external websites or internal pages within the site. A site they will return to because it offers value.

You want to form some type of “connection.” The feeling that this website has value for me. This website teaches me something. This website helps me. This website stands out. The ideal viewer responds with a feeling that I would like to do business with this company, individual or organization. And they KNOW what to do next.


Your Strategy Comes Through Brainstorming


The creative process takes time, feedback and input from different sources. Employees, coaches, friends, family, customers, articles and blogs, education and other options. It takes research and questions to the right people.

It takes testing ideas and responding from new information. And with the right approach, it is what can make business fun. Your website is your storefront online where people form opinions about what it is like to do business with you. Get some coaching that helps you clarify how to make your website connect to those who are MOST IMPORTANT TO YOU.


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Written by Nancy Johnson, owner of Nancy J Web Design, and blogger at Social Eyes on Business.

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