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Developing the Home Page on Your Website

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Picture this! A great potential client or customer is searching for you online. They have certain hopes and/or expectations with what they may find. And what they do find will strongly influence their next steps.

So let’s think about some things you want on your homepage!

First, can a viewer tell immediately what you do and what you sell? This information can be told through headlines, images and more. And does it address the visitor problems and needs right away. For a carry out restaurant that may be a phone number. For a counselor, that might be some images of the counselor and the office as reassurance. Are you selling trust, convenience, expertise? This is your storefront window!

Next, does your visitor know what to do next? Maybe they want more information and can be directed to a blog post or internal page? Maybe you have a free giveaway that the visitor can opt-in and receive. They may see value in signing up for an email list. Or you are planting seeds with a potential email or phone call in the future.

I encourage my clients to have photos of themselves on their homepage is possible. Your online presence is to form a relationship. It is always nice to know what someone looks like in the getting to know you process. Make sure the photo is professional and fits your personality.

Easy Navigation

On the home page, there need to be easy and not too cumbersome options. Most of my websites have what they call fixed navigation. That means the website stays visible as the viewer scrolls down the page.

Clickable Phone Numbers

Your phone number needs to be available through mobile devices to call you with a simple click right there on the homepage.

Social Media Links

Your visitor is interested in learning more about you. An easy way to do that is to connect through your active social media accounts.

Contact Information

This is available on your home page and every page.


Maybe something you consider for your homepage.


Make it a great video and will strengthen your visibility and help you to connect.

Concise listing of services or products

Put them in groups with links for the visitor to follow for more detailed information.

And finally, let your website grow as you grow as a business owner and your business grows.


Written by Nancy Johnson, owner of Nancy J Web Design, and blogger at Social Eyes on Business.

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