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Developing the About Us Page on Your Website

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Your “About Page” is a CRITICAL PAGE on your website.

Why? Because people do business with people, not just businesses.  Who you are and sharing is what makes you stand out from the competition. Your core values, your way of approaching your business, your attention to customers…your mission, your vision.

Identifying to readers what benefits there are in doing business with you. 

Your products or services are easily identifiable. But the benefit is what is important to your customer. Say you sell IT services. You know your list of services but more importantly what is the benefit to the client.  Is it to keep their business up and running with no interruptions. Is it to reduce their stress and keep employees happy. Engaged, happy employees will make a business a great place to work. And a business that is working well is likely to be more profitable.

It is hard for business owners to be objective about their own businesses. So dig down and find out what is most important to your customers. It may be different than certain aspects you find the most rewarding!  They may not care about the detail that goes with what you do. But a certain outcome is what your customers want.

Highlights of a Successful About Page

  • Understand the desires, needs, and problems of your customers.
  • Identify the value you provide to your customers.
  • Write in a “voice” that is easy to understand (familiar) to your customers.
  • Explain why you have authority or expertise that is of value.
  • Include facts about yourself that relate to your business and are important to your reader.
  • Have a Call-to-Action identifying next steps for your reader.

And top of the list, be creative. Do what works for you. This is much more art than science. Be you!

Written by Nancy Johnson, owner of Nancy J Web Design, and blogger at Social Eyes on Business. To talk to Nancy, call  (586) 817-9196And let’s connect on social media!

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