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What do I do at night? Research the latest in new websites across the nation and the world. Nothing generic! The very creative ones that highlight a person or business in a distinctive way. Always looking for websites that I respond to emotionally. Find fascinating. What is it about these websites? They capture a personality through authentic images, colors, fonts, testimonials, design and so much more. This research is what makes me want to create my best website with every site I start.  Checking out new ways to create a website! I am passionate about what I do. It provides me direction in constant learning. (something I enjoy)  Trends in marketing never stand still. And a dated, generic website stalls a business. My goal with every website is to get personality and strengths out front. I also choose clients who want to participate in the process. I cannot imagine how one could create a website without that collaboration.  What content would BEST represent the business and owner? 


As I started in this business, I learned website building during a time of fast change in new technology. Building responsive websites (looking great on all devices) has always been my focus.  I customize websites to include different information on mobile devices and desktops. All these decisions are based on what my client wants. If someone says you “have to” do something a certain way online, I strongly disagree. For some, the phone number should be front and center. For some building, an email list is very important. For others being on social media is key. No two clients are alike. And no two strategies are alike. Business does not fit into a generic WordPress theme. That is why I customize every website based on the needs of my clients and not a fill in the blank template.


There are so many ways to be creative in business.  Creativity is a skill that grows with the introduction of more information. Don’t get locked into a “to do” and “done” list when it comes to your business. Let the creativity evolve with the natural progression of your business. It doesn’t matter what type of industry you are in but developing an approach that is successful. You bring certain traits. Express those through the welcoming header of your website. Through images of yourself. Through pictures of your workplace. Find new ways to communicate with videos or even slideshows. Writing about what is important to you. Let your readers know the process to expect when working with you. You are looking for the RIGHT fit with your customers. Let them know what makes you different. Find your own path. Don’t imitate what you think other’s expect!


This is a tough one for most of my clients. Writing about themselves and their business is challenging. I have many resources to help clients to trigger thoughts about sections like the “About Me” or “About Us” part of the website. Often I help clients get started.  Then we go back and forth in the editorial process. Not taking too long but getting what fits right as their site goes live. I am also a big believer in BUILDING the website. I don’t think in terms of “DONE”.  It is important to keep adding and updating. This is especially beneficial for SEO. Updating also adds value for the reader. Professional photography is ideal! Great images used properly are invaluable. Depending on the budget, images from mobile phones can work on the web. And it all depends on the look my client wants. Some very successful entrepreneurs use very simple images meant to be that way. Instead of being unprofessional, these images make them approachable. And they have the reputation to back it up.  It all depends on the what response is desired from the reader. And the personality of the business owner.  

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Written by Nancy Johnson, owner of Nancy J Web Design, and blogger at Social Eyes on Business. To talk to Nancy, call  (586) 817-9196 Stay in touch on social media!

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