Do you use a question when you search for information online?

And do you know what comes up as the result of your question? Blog posts! Someone has written a post that provides answers to the question you typed into Google.  And the answer takes you to their site. It puts them in a position of being an “expert or authority” to you because of answering your question.

A blog has a presence that lasts online.

In some of my searches lately, posts have come up going way back to 2011. Many go back before that. A blog on a website has much more staying power and visibility than a simple social media that disappears in a feed or an email that is dated.

So what questions do your current and potential customers have about your business?

If you are a retail store, maybe it is about what brands you carry. If you are a professional, what services do you provide to your clients? What are your recommendations? What can you provide for no cost that has value in the process of growing your business?

And don’t forget geography! When I search I add in a location right away. Make sure your geography is a keyword in blogs.

Let’s think about fill in the blanks.

Someone searches:  What is the best way to ___________________???  Your blog answers with the best way to ____________.

Where to shop for _____________________???   Shop for a customized ___________at our store.

What is the best ___________ food in Brighton, Michigan?  We have the best ___________ in Brighton, Michigan.


It’s not that difficult. Know your customer and what their desires and concerns are and speak to them. It makes creating blogs easy. You talk to your customers daily. Write like you talk but expand your audience to cover more people online! Don’t worry about perfection. Get it done! 

Every blog post carries the same weight as a page online. That means there is more information that is indexed by search engines. Makes your visibility and page ranking stronger.  And grows your business!

Written by Nancy Johnson, owner of Nancy J Web Design, and blogger at Social Eyes on Business. To talk to Nancy, call  (586) 817-9196

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