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The Best Features of Working with Solo Entrepreneurs

A large percentage of my clients are solo entrepreneurs (and I am expanding the definition to under five employees). They tend to fall into the following categories: professionals, creatives (musicians, writers, photographers), designers, construction, retail (without the need of a shopping cart), politicians, and small business services.

Their life is their business. There is little separation between who they are and what they do. Their goal is to have a professional website that is beyond the do-it-yourself sites available.



As a solo entrepreneur myself, I enjoy the relationship that develops with my clients through the process of working on their website.  I do see the product (the website) as belonging to my clients. I provide the service in developing the website with them.  I also enjoy empowering business owners to be able to add updates and content to strengthen their own site.


My background in coaching clients in starting a business and running business planning programs comes in handy in the process of developing a website. I ask lots of questions. I can’t imagine creating a website without delving into who will be reading the content and why. What do you as my client want them to do next? The beginning of further developing their business.


My clients want to GROW! They want to get connected to their current and potential customers. The bar is high in the world of small business. Competition makes it so! Small business owners are game to take risks. Available to try new things. Small business owners understand the process to continually work to grow their business.


And the question I hear in networking…

But solo entrepreneurs don’t have money to pay.

I find that comment not true! I know I have invested in my business. We spend money to make money. Small business owners recognize value. They understand how important it is to make a positive impression online. It is important for others to see that they are professional and passionate about what they do.

They bring amazing backgrounds to their roles as business owners. Smart. Energetic. Talented. Determined. These are the people that I partner with to make them their best website!

Written by Nancy Johnson, owner of Nancy J Web Design, and blogger at Social Eyes on Business. To talk to Nancy, call  (586) 817-9196

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