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Grow Your Business Through Trial and Error

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What I would say to others starting a business has changed since I started my own. 

A couple of years ago, I worked coaching and running business planning programs for people who wanted to start or grow a business. Before someone started a business, we would work to identify who the ideal customer would be demographically, psychographically, or some other measure.

For most of us, I don’t think that is possible. Instead, I now believe that the way to find out who your ideal customer is involves trial and error. And it requires finding those people that you enjoy working with or selling to. And it can come through basic instincts. Developing hunches that prove to be right. Trial and error. And exercise caution when someone voices their thoughts about what you should be doing. They don’t have the vision or passion that you do!

I don’t even provide the services I thought I would as I started my business. And I learned that through trial and error. I don’t like managing someone else’s social media campaign. And I don’t like creating emails for someone else. It isn’t the right fit for me. And I found it difficult. But creating websites for those same people works for me. And is enjoyable.  And that’s how I work my business. Always looking at does this make sense to me.

I am writing this blog because I have had the experience of working with two wonderful clients this week.

And I realize this is what I want more of in my work. So I look at what it is in particular that I like about these relationships. There is one decision maker. I like that! There is an appreciation for my work. Again, who doesn’t like to feel appreciated? And, they feel comfortable to voice their thoughts.  That results in a better website for them.

My suggestion to you if you do own a business. Be proactive in knowing who you are best working with to create great results.  Those are your customers. And they will help you grow your business.

Nancy Johnson

Nancy Johnson

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