Back to work!

After ten days off and having a wonderful time with family, I am back to work with much to accomplish in December. My work is important to me and I enjoy it. But still there is this transition. Loved time spent with my eight year old grandson followed by a house full of family! Each person so special. Loved the games, the dinners, the activities, the laughter. Even enjoyed the cooking. New recipes. A follow through on promises for some new dishes to our traditional Thanksgiving meal. Sitting now in a home that is all picked up, simplified, and back to the empty nest. My husband and I enjoy this as well. We are comfortable in our home. Sunday night is my time for planning the upcoming week. I do better when I think about this at night instead of first thing in the morning. I can see the bigger picture at night. My planning and strategy for the week ahead is clearer. In the morning, I am ready to jump in and get things done. No planning? Distracted by all that comes in front of us as we start our day. Heading into December, how will I keep my focus on my small business amid all the fun (and distractions) of this season? THE WHY I work for business owners like myself. Building websites that reflect their passion and what makes them special.  And I care about their businesses. Helping them succeed is why I do what I do. Offering them the best website possible is why I do what I do. Creating an elegant, professional website is a priority. Having their website found online and connecting to who they want is even better. THE HOPE The world of small business is challenging. There are many hours spent working on the business that isn’t billed. It’s a very different world than being employed. Small business owners are talented people. Making a living that exceeds a salary is the hope. The financial success is important to me. THE GOALS Defining goals is needed in small business. There is no “boss” to report to for a paycheck. There is freedom to come and go. The quality of the time put into the business is most important. Results needed to be measured and success defined. Online marketing does work. Creating websites and coaching clients to grow their own websites is my business.
“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in 10 years.” ~ Bill Gates

Returning to work after a vacation or a holiday?

Transition. Remember your why, your hope, and your goals. Do what is most important to move you forward. And keep your long term perspective in mind to keep yourself on track to succeed. 
Nancy Johnson

Nancy Johnson

Nancy J Web Design

Nancy designs and develops customized websites for small businesses, organizations and individuals through Nancy J Web Design. She also blogs about faith, small business, community, and online marketing through Social Eyes on Business. email: phone: 586-817-9196