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Developing Deep Roots in Business

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My faith teaches me to develop deep roots so that it is not easily shaken. Roots that grow deep into the soil and not sand or rock will keep us strong through challenges. We don’t lose our faith in the midst of struggles. When we put our authentic selves into our business and tell our true story, we also start to develop roots that keep us grounded. We are not easily swayed by new trends that are wrong for us. Not easily disturbed by the superficial challenges that arise in day to day life. ¬†Decisions become easier. We understand where to invest our time. The wind actually helps a tree to grow. We learn the best lessons when things appear to go wrong. Sometimes we put too much importance to the superficial. And when it is truly important, we are given another opportunity to do it better.
It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.  ~ e.e. cummings
Many create websites for a business. Some see websites as a place to get specific information and answers to questions. I see websites as so much more than that. They are a place to tell your story. A process that helps one understand their business better. Not a fill-in-the-blank site but a site that is customized to provide value to the viewer. A site that draws the viewer in and engages. To do that, we have to dig down deeper and get to what sets the business apart. What sets the owner apart? In the process, the website gets more and more customized. And that process is what is most important.
Nancy Johnson

Nancy Johnson

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