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Three Ways to Work Your Website to Get Results

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You are delighted with a new, modern website!  It fits you. Images, colors, fonts, copy all tell who you are and what you value. And it reflects your business and what it is like to do business with you.  There has been much work put into the project of getting it right.

Some say it is your “24 hour a day employee”. But not if your website sits there stagnate on the web.  Google likes activity. And technology is sophisticated enough to understand where there is relevant quality content. Gone are the days of tricking Google by creating fake backlinks. The best SEO approach is to provide true quality to your reader. Welcome the visitor to your site and let them know what to do (call to actions). Start a conversation with the visitor to begin the process of building a relationship!





What is your strategy to keep yourself updating your website on a regular basis? Is there news that will build interest in what is happening day to day? Are you an authority on a topic that you can share? Could there be a regularly updated note from the President on your website? What can you do that you can reasonably fit into your schedule?

Jerry Seinfeld decided to spend a certain amount of time everyday writing jokes. He would X off each day on the calendar to keep the string of that commitment going. When we do something repeatedly, it gets easier and we get better. Taking an hour to add content to your website weekly is the first way to “work” your site.



Understand the need for “sharing” your pages and posts from your website on social media. It drives traffic to your website.

And benefit from sharing others posts. I am now in the habit of sharing many blog posts. Some are tutorials I want to save for myself to look at them later in more detail. I share them on my personal page but limit the visibility to just myself. It’s an easy way for me to get back to them. And it is helpful to the writer of the post because it keeps me connected which can translate into purchases.

Sharing tells people who you are, what you value, what you know and what makes you laugh. It is the beginning of answering the question…are you someone I want to do business with.



Since making two membership websites for associations this fall, I am exploring ways to make this a tool for small businesses including my own business. Create something of value designed solely for loyal customers. A place for access to resources that have been accumulated. A place that I can share new trends in website design that can easily be incorporated into the website I already created for them that would require little time to add.

Looking for ways to deepen the relationship with best customers!


Your website isn’t your 24 hour a day employee if it isn’t active! Think about what you can do that fits your personality, interests and strengths. Can be as easy as sharing images in posts!  Or content can be created from something of interest after attending a business event.  The end result is that you are telling Google and other search engines that your website is working for you!

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