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Three Tools That Will Help You Create Online Content


This summer I started using a toy recently purchased that sits in our shed. It is a battery operated weed wacker with a newly installed heavy duty line. I was warned it was heavy to use. And we have a lawn service that takes care of the big stuff. And I have had two options for the little stuff that includes perennial gardens and ground cover going out of control. I could take hours and clean it up by hand. Or I could ignore it. Usually, I chose the second option!

But it’s the details that make the difference.

The same holds true in creating websites and online marketing material. The difference is in the details. It is the reason one website captivates and another one doesn’t.



Designing and Photo Editing

Pic Monkey and Canva

Pic Monkey has been around a long time and was my first go to photo editing software. It’s now overlooked since the release of Canva (which I also like), but for resizing and other quick tasks, I go to Pic Monkey. It gives you options for the quality of images (very important for online) for your download. Canva’s downloaded files for a jpg or png are very large. Another go to place is Fotojet which is new and coming on strong. Each one is different. Have a quick need for some design or photo editing? Canva is the most popular but sometimes Pic Monkey works better!


Color Combinations

Design Seeds

Color is SO important to a website or for creating content online.  Unless you have a good knowledge and talent for color combinations, take your branding colors from an expert resource.



I take those grammar tests on Facebook. Often the results are 100% correct. If I focus (and yes, sometimes I guess) I seem to know what the right answer is to their questions. But during a busy day creating content, I find myself making mistakes (too often). Even found myself making mistakes with simple uses of words like your and you’re which I clearly know! If an editor is not available to you, the free copy of Grammarly may help. I do know those simple mistakes stand out to others reading our content.

In writing, there is often room for improvement. Amongst other lessons, Grammarly has taught me that I use the passive tense too much! You may find patterns you fall into that even search engines like Google recognize.

It downloads quickly and appears on word documents, social media posts, your WordPress websites or wherever you create content.

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