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Three Lessons I Learned in My Business That Has Helped Me Grow

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My Quick Three Lessons

Don’t Guess

I have wasted much time guessing what people want or like in websites. Add to that guessing on the “why” of their like of an inspirational website they provide representing what they like. Looking at websites as much as I do, when I look at one, I look through a different eye than my clients. I may pick up on features that I see (that take much time to customize) where they look at the same thing but have a different reason. The reason is what is important!

Quick Phone Calls

Email styles differ. Some people are very demonstrative with multiple exclamation marks and emotion expressed. Others are very dry and right to the point. There is no other feedback but words on a screen. We all think we are clear communicators. But heads up, we aren’t. I have had a great day for phone calls today! Feeling relaxed. Being fresh. And connecting. Getting to what is most important and sharing valuable information. Confirming by email. Decisions by phone.

Protect My Time

I sell my time. I create websites for clients. Ownership of websites differs by the business you use. In my business model, I have made the decision that the client owns their website. They pay me for my time. Often they pay me to manage, host and update the site. But if they want to move to a different business, I am ok with that. I believe I provide a very high-quality product. In previous roles, I have hired businesses that provide the service of creating websites. As changes needed and the resulting negative experience, as I started this business, I didn’t want that same experience on the end. Also, it doesn’t make sense with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I want happy clients. If the relationship doesn’t work, it is time for both sides to move on.   So those are my three quick and easy lessons. Know there are more but these are the ones that came to mind today. I’d love to hear your lessons from having a small business. Share so we can all learn!

I'm Nancy Johnson

Creating website that distinguish client’s small businesses in the marketplace. Also work with creatives, bloggers and non-profits. Empowering clients to feel confident in talking and writing about their passions.