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It’s time to recognize the real blessings in life. Here are mine as I think about next Thursday:



I love my home. Usually, the comment I get from visitors is that it is very comfortable. It’s filled with memories and it is unique. It is ours. Looking back, my husband and I enjoyed our time raising our four children here. This Thanksgiving we are welcoming our three daughters back home.

 Most of all, I treasure the fact that the “girls” are best friends.



Thanksgiving morning we will be in Ann Arbor for the 5K Turkey Trot. The participants: Kerry, Hayley, Alison and Steve, and me!  My husband has been telling people I am in training over the past month. And he says that knowing it is semi-true! Unlike him, I have not kept it my highest priority. Sometimes it sunk pretty low. BUT, my inspiration continues on an upward curve which is good.

Most of all, I treasure the fact that this will be a Thanksgiving morning to be remembered.



In 2005, I went deeper into my Christian faith than ever before. Being tested by life in those years, I dove deeply into the Bible. My strongest and most fervent prayer was for God to make me who He created me to be. I was brought up in a different generation than more recent generations filled with expectations of what the right thing was to do. I followed those expectations. Today, I believe very strongly that other people can’t tell you what you should be or what decisions you should make to have your best life. That is your responsibility to find.

And finally, I treasure the fact that life continues to be filled with meaningful relationships and opportunities!


Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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