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In 2014, God Closed a Door


I don’t like to let go.  Nobody does. But I think I am very high on the scale if it is something I am passionate and care deeply about in my life. I can become haunted. I strive to make sense of it. I start advocating in my mind like I am an attorney in court. And I am willing to fight. What Happens When God Closes the Door People will step away also.  You find yourself with few advocates. That is when you need those very close relationships that stick like a spouse, another family member, or longtime friend. Never forget how important those relationships are to you. My door closed in March of 2014. I had worked for six years as the Satellite Director of the MI-SBDC. The door closing had nothing to do with the merits of this organization. It had everything to do with where God knew I would be at my best.  That is what my faith has taught me. My Reaction I had so many feelings wrapped up together: hurt, fear, anger, confusion and the list goes on. But the reality was I was unhappy in my position for a very long time. Looking back, my biggest problem was fear. I enjoyed being in the working world, and I didn’t want to leave it. I had left before for many reasons, but the main one was to be home with my children. And I knew how hard it is to return and find a job. My First Year Instead of taking time and planning, I jumped right into starting a business (within weeks). That decision was based on fear. People thought I would retire from the workplace. That is the last thing I wanted. I am lucky. I have a supportive husband who could provide for me financially. I would not be doing this today without that support. I also benefited from his continual encouragement.  This summer I was contemplating quitting. But he kept saying, no, keep going, you are doing well. And since then, my business has taken off. From the last quarter of 2017, I project I will make more money in 2018 that I ever have in my life. And that has built my confidence which has a ripple effect in bringing in more jobs. What I Love to Do I genuinely like to build websites for people. I like to get it right for them. And when that happens, I am on top of the world. I have learned in business not to follow what everyone else is doing. I am not building an email list. I don’t need that many clients. I just need the right ones. I play with Facebook. It keeps people aware I am still doing what I do. But it has not brought clients. My success has come from ignoring all that “experts” say a solo-entrepreneur should do. It has come from being willing to learn, create a good product, and being led by my faith and the people closest to me. Encouragement I am an “encourager” at heart. Maybe it is because I know how much it can mean. Life is full of ups and downs. As I watch people who I admire, I see them battle through the downs of life. And I see them making a difference in areas where they are gifted. It helps to have the opportunity to see this. Life can appear easy through the perception of Facebook or the smiles you see at networking events. And those smiles are sincere. But I don’t believe life is “easy” for anyone. You have to battle through. But when God closes a door, trust that it is right (as much as you can). I wish my Christian friends a very Merry Christmas! And for those of other faiths, hope this holiday season brings much meaning and happiness to you.

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