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Hello 2018!!! Ready for a Great New Year…

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I have great expectations for you.

Much comes out of lessons learned in 2017.  Lessons that will help me in my business for the new year. What have you learned in 2017 that you can take into the year ahead?  I believe focusing on (sometimes hard) lessons learned, gives excitement for starting a new year!

I now know how to do things pertaining to business and to life better!  All the results of understanding failure and developing better work processes and balance.

And it is time to refocus after two weeks of special times with family and friends and leaving everything about my business behind!  All fresh and rejuvenated.  Time to transition into all the promise that is possible for 2018.

One lesson I have learned in life is to enjoy where you are at. Don’t be one place and let your head be another. Be grateful for the day you are in!



What are you excited to get back to as you start the new year?

For me this means, further development of two membership websites, going live with some professional websites, creating a big event website filled with photographs, my first large retail/service business, and preparation for scheduled new appointments set for new incoming projects.  And especially important this year is the creation of a new wedding website for a daughter and future son-in-law.

This is time for PRODUCTION.  And production in my business means creativity. Making websites that don’t resemble each other. Starting from a blank page and choosing images, fonts, colors, writing text in a way that connects to client’s ideal customers.  Finding and using the right tools to create websites that exceed my client’s expectations. That is the goal. Exceeding expectations in terms of attractiveness, functionality and with the ability to grow the site with the growth of the business.

What projects are you most excited about?  Look at the week, month, and year. They all bring different blessings.



Developing relationships with clients has been a learning experience for me. 

Being responsive to their needs in the development process is part of why I enjoy this business. In almost every website project, the site is developed in partnership with the client. We become a team.

Before taking on a project, I spend some time in a “discovery” phase to learn about the needs of the client, determine if this is a good fit and define expectations. I have found many have had a negative experience in the past with website design and development. I am interested in what went right and wrong so as not to repeat that experience.

Communication and trust is key to success in my industry. Clients often are not aware of all that goes into a website. Listening to needs and being clear with expectations are a focus for 2018!

My product is the development of a website. My reason is to help clients grow businesses. What I sell is the ability to help clients develop relationships online with the people that are important to them. My challenge is to figure out a unique way that sets them apart from their competition through their website (their hub of all their online marketing). This comes best done with clarity and simplicity (not easy to do) in our world that bombards us with too much information. 

I want my clients to know, like and trust me….and I feel the same for them!



Why do I share so much of my business online?

My clients share similar challenges as I do.  These are issues that I explore with my clients. No matter what size business, there are common experiences that all business owners deal with to succeed.


The website is more than an online pamphlet and listing of services. It is their most powerful marketing tool. I have experienced the results of that myself and through my customers. People do respond to websites because of the personality put forth. The website puts you in a relationship with your clients. You do this by being you. Not telling how great you are. It is your availability to solve your client’s or customer’s problems.

Your customers need or want something and through your website (and marketing), you provide the solutions.  Reaching those customers is imperative in the development of your best website.



Building on your natural strengths, why do your customers choose you?  Don’t spend too much time focusing on your competition. Be creative and do things in your style. It makes you vulnerable. Can be a little scary. But share your values and what makes you tick.


You are an expert in your field of knowledge.

There is a temptation to impress. But what happens more often is that you lose people when they don’t understand. Become wise in what your customers need to understand and what they are comfortable leaving in your hands. Keep working on your content (copy, images, and all)  Make sure it is easy to find answers to questions. Easy to know next steps. Make people comfortable with contacting you.

And your website will work for you!!!




I'm Nancy Johnson

Creating website that distinguish client’s small businesses in the marketplace. Also work with creatives, bloggers and non-profits. Empowering clients to feel confident in talking and writing about their passions.