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A well put together website resonates with ideal clients.

On the surface, there is what you can see on a screen. This is a very important aspect because as they say people judge a book by it’s cover. People do judge your business by what they find online.  Translating an accurate reflection of you as a business owner and a business onto a monitor is also challenging. There is much planning needed.

I was in a local business recently and thought your website is not reflecting the experience of coming here. It is not that the website is bad. It uses latest technology. But it lacks the “feel” and the “experience” that one has being there in person.

That is the first priority for a site in my opinion. Having a consistent message both in person and online. And at the same time developing that message to grow as the business grows. 

The appearance of the website relies heavily on the quality of the images, the content that “speaks” to the ideal visitor, logos, colors, fonts, size of headings and more. Just because someone chooses something on their website doesn’t mean it is right for you. Dealing with a truly customized site requires decisions. And it requires collaboration. Dealing with many opinions about what is right or wrong…good or bad. The real test is whether it connects and draws the right people in.

I am starting a series of blogs talking about all that should be considered in developing a website. Stay tuned and hope it helps you as you make decisions about your online marketing approach.

Yes, people can visit a website and respond “I LIKE IT HERE”!  I’m finding solutions to my problems, answers to my needs, and products/services that make me feel good.

That is the goal of a website. It engages the visitor to take the next step.

Nancy Johnson

Nancy Johnson

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