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In the past Google focused their search on the desktop versions of websites for rankings. But soon they will be switching to how well your site does on mobile. This decision is following the trend of the increasing use of mobile devices for connecting online.
Things that you need to check on your mobile site:
  1. Top tasks. Make sure visitors can find your main pages in a heartbeat.
  2. Address and phone number. People use mobile websites of shops to set their navigation, for instance. If you want customers to find your store, list your address. If you want people to call you, this is the main call-to-action on your mobile site. Make it clickable.
  3. A working menu and a search option. It’s nice to add a hamburger menu as it saves space, but please make sure it folds out. Add a search option as a backup for your menu.
  4. Mobile design and UX. Make sure your mobile site is not just your entire website squeezed in that little screen. Toning it down colorwise also helps.
  5. Buttons and links. Make sure these are easy to spot and large enough to click.
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If you use Google Chrome, you can easily check by right clicking on the screen, click inspect, and then click the second icon in the inspector’s menu bar. All the sites created by Nancy J Web Design are responsive meaning they look great on all devices. You also have a choice of what you want to show on your desktop vs. your mobile phone. Your strategy should include understanding what people are looking for when searching at their desks or on their phones.
Nancy Johnson

Nancy Johnson

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