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Tips to Create Content for Your Website

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AndThe most difficult aspect of creating a website is developing great content. Empty page. Empty screen. Let’s figure it out!


1. Start by answering your customer’s questions online.

When you Google a phrase or question, you are most often directed to a blog that gives you an answer.  Not sure what to write about on your website. A great place to start is to answer online what your customers ask you in person!


2. Make sure the page is easy to scan.

And you have something that GRABS them! You don’t want them to “bounce” quickly off your site. Pages are scanned by the viewer, not read. Website pages aren’t read like a book. You have seconds to capture interest. This is an introduction to you and your business. Don’t get ahead of yourself ready to make an immediate sale. You need to build trust.


3. Take the time to take out any unnecessary words.

Get rid of anything that doesn’t help you make your point. Use simple phrases. Make understanding easy for the people coming for a visit. Stay focused on your point!


4. Create a clear path for the reader.

Have you identified the next steps for the visitor?  Let them know what to do next. Learn about you, understand your services, processes to expect going forward, your location and ordering services…lead them through your site.


5. Practice developing content

Give it a try! Jerry Seinfeld says he devoted time daily to write jokes to develop his skills.  He held himself accountable through a simple calendar. What processes do you have to keep you creating? 

6. Don’t get stuck on perfection.

Care about the work you put out online. Learn from mistakes. Continue to make progress.

Have questions?

Are you struggling with creating content for your website? Partnering with other small business owners to grow their businesses is my favorite thing!

Start out with a newly designed website. Decide if you want a simple, brochure-like website to send people to for more about you. And if you want, grow your website and get found on Google.

Contact me today! And here’s to your success in business.


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