How do you capture interest on your website?

Work on your content! Keep it simple, easy to understand and directs the viewer to their next steps. Use words your customers use and understand. 

Remember pages are scanned by the viewer, not read.

Pages aren’t read like a book. You have seconds to capture their interest. 

Are there words you can take out to make it easier to read?

Get rid of anything that doesn’t help you make your point. You use simple phrases when speaking. Use them in writing as well. 

Readers know what to do next

There is a clear path with what you want your readers to do next. Provide that information. 

Practice developing content

Jerry Seinfeld has said he would devote time daily writing jokes to develop his skills. To keep his focus he used large X’s on a calendar that created a chain of days he wrote new content. The goal was to never let the chain be broken.

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Be Professional

Care about the work you put out online. Watch for mistakes in grammar. But don’t get stuck on perfection.