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Being you on your website is not as easy as you think!

Website Strategy

Imagine! You have a one on one meeting with someone…friend, potential customer, a new acquaintance, a fellow service group member.  And you ask them to go to your website and check to see if the same vibe you give off in person is the same that comes through your website.

What I love about creating websites is the goal of drawing visitors in with the feeling that “I like it here.” There is something special here. I want to learn more. I feel engaged.  Not the ho-hum generic site that gives you what you expect. There is more “heart” here!

Before thinking about your “ideal customer”, take plenty of time to think about yourself! Don’t be concerned it is too much “about me”. People relate to the uniqueness that you bring to the relationship. And people who haven’t met you in person will relate to the person you unfold on your website.

But being you takes courage!

This can make you feel vulnerable. Being creative puts you out there where critics lurk!  But people connect to people. Like seeks out like. Being who you are, has to start with you! If you own the business, your core values make the business.
Pay attention to your core values, your unique personality and your approach to your business. 

Do you want a website that truly reflects you? I start from a blank page and build a customized website based on who you are as a person or as a business. Always looking to get to the essence of what makes you unique. Taking you from “this is what I should be to this is who I am”. The best and easiest way to brand your business is to be yourself!

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Written by Nancy Johnson, owner of Nancy J Web Design, and blogger at Social Eyes on Business. To talk to Nancy, call  (586) 817-9196

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