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A Website is Technology and So Much More

What do I do at night? Research the latest in new websites across the nation and the world. Nothing generic! The very creative ones that highlight a person or business in a distinctive way. Always looking for websites that I respond to emotionally. Find fascinating....

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Developing the Home Page on Your Website

THINKING ABOUT YOUR HOMEPAGE Picture this! A great potential client or customer is searching for you online. They have certain hopes and/or expectations with what they may find. And what they do find will strongly influence their next steps. So let's think about some...

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Creating a Website Strategy

How to Create a Website Strategy That Works for You   For me, the design phase can be the easiest part. The challenging part is the creation of compelling and captivating content. One option is to hire a copywriter for your site.  But most of my clients don’t...

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Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should

I've been cleaning up my own website! We all influence each other. I had a client a couple days ago reviewing websites for her hair salon. Part of the process is reviewing websites from other businesses in the same industry (and also other sites).  Looking for...

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