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In May, I started working on THE WALL THAT HEALS in preparation for the arrival of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Replica & Mobile Education Center to Livingston County. Many years ago my family visited Washington DC and visited all the different war memorials. At...

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Who inspires you in business?

Our family is currently in the midst of planning for a daughter’s wedding. Conversations become about weddings both those in the future and ones that happened long ago. Talk becomes about traditions, dresses, ceremonies, choices, size and more. Comparisons are...

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In 2014, God Closed a Door

I don't like to let go.  Nobody does. But I think I am very high on the scale if it is something I am passionate and care deeply about in my life. I can become haunted. I strive to make sense of it. I start advocating in my mind like I am an attorney in...

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It's time to recognize the real blessings in life. Here are mine as I think about next Thursday:   EMPTY NEST = TIME TO ENJOY THE PREPARATIONS I love my home. Usually, the comment I get from visitors is that it is very comfortable. It's filled with memories, very...

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