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Making the decision to say yes

"What's In it For Me?" Focus your marketing efforts on your customer's view of "What's in it for me". That emotional component that compels your customer to buy. Guess what? We all buy for emotional reasons. And then we back up our decisions with logic. It's...

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Build your unique story online

I help people communicate creatively online. One way is to share authentically who you are. Enjoy my story!  “That’s YOU??? Those were my granddaughter’s exact words upon flipping through an old scrapbook from my dad’s college years that happened to have a few...

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Tips to Create Content for Your Website

The most difficult aspect of creating a website is developing great content. Empty page. Empty screen. Let's figure it out!   1. Start by answering your customer's questions online. When you Google a phrase or question, you are most often directed to a blog that...

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Who inspires you in business?

Our family is currently in the midst of planning for a daughter’s wedding. Conversations become about weddings both those in the future and ones that happened long ago. Talk becomes about traditions, dresses, ceremonies, choices, size and more. Comparisons are...

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