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“I love my website…” My hope is always that my clients are very proud of their websites. I want them to be both attractive and unique to them and to their businesses. “My website is working for me…” I want much more than their website being a cool or pretty site. Their website needs to work for them. It needs to connect them with their customers. I receive calls from my website. I know that it is working. And it needs to function based on their unique needs. “People call me because they liked my personality and wanted to work with me from what they saw on their website…” This is a favorite comment.  That means we have successfully collaborated to create a website that expressed the benefit of doing business with that particular client.  


For all new websites started in January or February 2018, I am offering a free Googles Analytics setup for each client. In addition, I will be providing an hour training to understand the results reported through Google Analytics. Discover how your website is performing online! Give me a call to find out more!

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The best way to predict your future is to create it.  ~ Abraham Lincoln
Written by Nancy Johnson, owner of Nancy J Web Design. To talk to Nancy, call  (586) 817-9196 Stay in touch with social media!

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Creating website that distinguish client’s small businesses in the marketplace. Also work with creatives, bloggers and non-profits. Empowering clients to feel confident in talking and writing about their passions.