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It's time to recognize the real blessings in life. Here are mine as I think about next Thursday:   EMPTY NEST = TIME TO ENJOY THE PREPARATIONS I love my home. Usually, the comment I get from visitors is that it is very comfortable. It's filled with memories, very...

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Why Your Website is So Important

Imagine, you just returned from a networking event you enjoyed. Met some interesting people and asked for their business cards. Now you are back at your office. After investing time to get out and meet people, what do you do? Check them out online! Visit their...

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Belief and Faith as a Solo Entrepreneur

On Easter Sunday, Pastor Brad Tate at 2|42 Community Church told the following story. As a young man, he stood next to a friend, an archer, who one after another shot arrows hitting a small area around the bullseye of a target. Amazed, that experience made him a...

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A Website is Technology and So Much More

What do I do at night? Research the latest in new websites across the nation and the world. Nothing generic! The very creative ones that highlight a person or business in a distinctive way. Always looking for websites that I respond to emotionally. Find fascinating....

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